Civil marriage and blessing are done simultaneously in Church by a priest registered with JPN as Assistant Registrar of Marriage (Penolong Pendaftar Perkahwinan).

  • To do this, go to Department of Marriage and Divorce (Bahagian Perkahwinan dan Penceraian) of the JPN Office and obtain JPN.KC02 Form.
  • Fill in JPN.KC02 Form and Statutory Declaration (Akuan Berkanun). Retain the Official Receipt (Resit Rasmi) of RM20/-.
  • Go to a Commissioner of Oath of your choice to get your JPN.KC02 endorsed. Minimal fee will be charged. This endorsement together with the Official Receipt is only valid for SIX months prior to your actual date of marriage.
  • Fix an interview appointment with the Parish Office for both of you to meet the priest for a Pre-Nuptial Inquiry (2-6 months before your planned wedding day).
  • For Pre-Nuptial Inquiry, please bring the following documents for both of you:
    • The endorsed JPN.KC02 with the Official Receipt
    • Two (2) recent passport-sized photographs
    • Two (2) photocopies of your Identity Card (both sides)
    • Two (2) photocopies of your Birth Certificate
    • Two (2) photocopies of the Identity Card (both sides) of two witnesses (male & female), both Catholics, at least 21 years of age and not immediate family members (Please write down their Baptism names) [Note: We recommend that you find a Catholic couple, who can journey with you in your married life, to be your witnesses]
    • The original extract of your Baptism Certificate from the parish of Baptism – issued within the last SIX months and with the status “FREE TO MARRY” signed by the priest of that parish.
    • A photocopy of your Confirmation Certificate.
    • A photocopy of both your Pre-Marriage Course Certificate.
    • The original Statutory Declaration from the Commanding Officer where one party to the marriage is an Army or Police Personnel who is still in active service
    • The original Statutory Declaration by the Commissioner of Oath (e.g. in cases where “status” or “religion” is inaccurate based on JPN record).
    • Divorce Petition & Certificate of Making Decree Nisi Absolute (if any party involved is a Divorcee).
  • During your wedding service in the Church, the ‘DAFTAR PERKAHWINAN’ JPN.KC05 (Marriage Certificate) and a Family Record Book will be issued by the presiding priest.