Important Guidelines & Notes to Help Couples in Marriage Preparation


  • Contact the Parish Office
  • Attend a Pre-Marriage Course Pre-Marriage and Convalidation Courses
  • Check availability of your requested date
  • Report to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) Office
  • Fix an Interview (Pre-Nuptial Inquiry) with a Priest of the Parish
  • Come for Pre-Nuptial Inquiry during office hours
  • Submit relevant JPN and Church documents
  • Confirm Date and Time of Wedding
  • Prepare yourselves spiritually
  • Pray & go to Mass together
  • Confession
  • Come for a Wedding Rehearsal
  • Be at the Cathedral on time for your wedding
  • Request that your non-Catholic guests attending the wedding service respect the sacredness of the Sanctuary / Cathedral and to switch off all hand phones.


  • Attend a Pre-Marriage Course preferably SIX months before your planned wedding day. The Pre-Marriage Course Certificate is valid for TWO years only.
  • Call the Cathedral Parish Office to check whether the venue and date of your intended marriage is available, preferably SIX months in advance.
  • Do not print your invitation cards or fix your wedding day before consulting the Parish and clearing all Government and Church requirements.
  • All documents should be in order ONE month prior to your confirmed wedding date. Incomplete documents may result in cancellation of your wedding booking.


  • Do not print your invitation cards or fix your wedding day without first consulting a priest and clearing all the government and Church requirements.
  • Do not consult priests who are not officially attached to the parish you are to wed. (This is to avoid unnecessary confusion and complication).
  • DAYS / DATES TO AVOID (for your wedding) – All Sundays, Ash Wednesday, all Fridays during Lent, Holy Week, Easter Monday, Ascension Thursday, Assumption (15th Aug), All Saints’ Day (1st Nov), All Souls’ Day (2nd Nov) and 20th to 25th Dec. During Lent and Advent, it is recommended that weddings be celebrated in a moderate manner to maintain the spirit of the Seasons.
  • ATTIRE/GOWNS TO BE AVOIDED (during wedding day)
    • Bridal gown should ideally cover shoulders fully and should not be too revealing (e.g. low cut or bare back).  If so, a shawl is highly recommended.
    • This is also applicable for bridesmaid(s), witnesses, reader(s), commentator, etc. Dressing should be appropriate and decent.


  • PARENTAL CONSENT (for MINORS) – If you are under 21 years old, your father (or mother, if father is deceased) must go with you to the Registrar’s Office to fill in Borang JPN.KC01B to endorse the parental consent of your marriage. For girls above 16 but below 18 years of age, permission is required from the Chief Minister through Borang JPN.KC01D.
  • MARRIAGE BANN (Notice of Marriage on Church Notice Board) – Your marriage bann will be
    displayed at the Church’s notice board for a period of 1 month before your actual wedding day.




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