Despite being around since the late 1940s, St Ann’s Church has remained almost the same physically with minimum and limited improvements made towards its present ‘Baruk’ place of worship.

Since 2000 there has been a growing number of Catholic parishioners especially from the neighbouring housing estates which means that there was a lack of space and facilities for fellowship gatherings or worship. Another major problem faced was the thatch roof that was leaking very badly and rapidly rotting, and hence had been replaced with “Spandex” material in 2011 due to the worsening situation.

Other than the roof, the following are the constant challenges faced by the church and its parishioners which has moved the parish to build a new Church complex.

  • plastic chairs used for Sunday worship are disintegrating over time,
  • there is lack of lighting, ventilation, parking space, toilet facilities and other amenities in the current church,
  • living quarters for priests and staff is inadequate and uncomfortable,
  • There are no proper classrooms for catechism,
  • There are no specific areas for the various lay ministries to meet,
  • Reception area, catechetical office and priests’ office are very small,
  • There is no Day Chapel for private prayers, daily masses and small functions,
  • The parishioners themselves are pleading for a more comfortable setting in which they can pray.

We hope and appeal for more funds to make our next Church complex a reality.


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