St ANn5St Ann’s parish cares for 45 villages, and 15 housing estates, with a population of over 25,000 Catholics. Overall, it has 60 outstations in 2017.

An average attendance at Sunday Masses in the ‘Baruk’ clocks at approximately 800 people, squeezed in a hall which was meant to hold about half the number.

The following are outstation villages served by the parish (Click on the links for their FB page):

  1. St Mary, Kampung Bumbok
  2. St. John’s Church, Kpg. Tematu
  3. Sacred Heart’s Church, Kpg. Semeba
  4. St. Mary Magdalen Church, Kpg Emperoh Jambu
  5. St. Micheal, Teng Bukap
  6. St. Catherine, Kpg Bratan
  7. St. Joachim’s Chapel, Rumah Seri Kenangan
  8. St. Paul Chapel, Kpg. Batu Gong

The following are outstation housing estates served by the parish:

  1. Greenwood Park
  2. Taman Landeh

The following are outstation schools served by the parish:

  1. SMK Wira Penrissen
  2. SMK Penrissen No.1
  3. SMK Siburan

*Not all  outstations are listed. Last updated 29 Oct 2017

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